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I help organizations scale their




Noramay Cadena is an engineer and venture capitalist. She advises organizations on how to achieve operational scale. 

At a time when organizations are expected to sustain maximum ROI while adjusting to evolving standards on equitable promotion metrics and workforce inclusivity, Noramay can leverage her experiences inside and outside of tech corridors to guide organizations on:

  • Technology, innovation and strategy -- leveraging experience to bridge public/private partnerships and drive corporate innovation through internal employee development and external visioning and partnerships.

  • Operations and supply chain strategy -- Assess operational readiness for scale.

  • Diversity & inclusion -- guide the formation of inclusive company policies and aspirational work cultures.

  • Monitoring committees (board leadership development) -- recruiting the best direct and indirect leaders to accelerate growth and drive efficiency.

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I don't write often, but you can find some long thoughts here.

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The intersection of innovation, technology and impact fires me up!